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The 4/14 Academy is a free online training resource for children and youth ministry workers around the world. Learn through engaging online courses developed by children, youth, and family experts.

Frequent Questions

  1. Reliable internet access on a computer, smartphone, or digital tablet.
  2. Learners should be comfortable with reading and writing in English.
  3. To be successful, learners should have a passion for ministry and a desire to share what they learn with others!

Welcome to the Movement

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4/14 Movement
We Are the 4/14 Movement

We are driven by a clear purpose to nurture a child’s God awareness in their developmental window between the ages of 4 and 14, and even up to age 18, when their spiritual identity is being formed.

We are advocates for this emerging generation.

Through our strategic partnerships with like minded movements and networks, we serve the Church as they endeavor to cultivate a child’s spiritual development through holistically reaching, rescuing, rooting and releasing every one.


Awakening a generation to a life with Jesus

If a child can come into an authentic relationship with Jesus, not only will their life be changed, but they can transform their community and even the world around them.

Bringing hope to a generation at risk

By giving kids trapped in the vicious cycles of poverty, violence, abuse, and hopelessness a chance at a new future, the church can be a family and sanctuary for those in harm’s way.


Cultivating life-changing God moments that last forever​

We want to create a culture for them to dream and grow where everything is seen through the lens that God is good. Believing that family is God’s ultimate design, we are committed to partnering with them.

Empowering a generation to change the world

Encouraging, supporting, and equipping them so that they can become all they were created to be. Creating space and opportunity for them to do what seems impossible.

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