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Two years ago, the leaders and pastors of Central Asia, accepted a revelation and vision for their continent: to reach 2% of young people between the ages of 5 and 25 years in Central Asia. The dream was to build a Christian community that would impact the emerging generation in every nation of Central Asia by the year 2022.

We believe in the young generation who have the capability to do tremendous and crazy things for Jesus. We are aware that a youth revival is coming. We want to invest everything we have in this young generation.

To reach this generation, we need to unite with other churches. Every year, we organize the Congresses TWO22, where we invite main leaders and pastors to share and create new ideas and projects. We discuss how to effectively use different spheres (such as social media, films, events, and personal evangelism) to reach this generation and present the Gospel in each region.

After the congress, many churches and leaders start to walk out the vision. It is so amazing to see how different churches in different regions join together for a common purpose and vision. We believe in the power of unity, and together we can accomplish the vision of reaching 2% of young people by 2022.

More than 70% of members in our church are below the age of 25 years. We hosted a youth conference in July. The iMAKE conference gathered 200 youth from different cities and countries. About 70 unbelievers had a chance to hear about Jesus. Today, we have 13 home groups and have baptized 16 people.

Our mission is to impact and invest in the youngest generation. Everything we do in our church is directed toward teenagers and children. We know that children are not just our future, they are the present, too.

At the beginning of my ministry, I focused on discipling young boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 9 years. Today, those same children are 19–23 years old, and we serve on the leadership team together.

Ruslan Chaldanbayev
Pastor of Compel Church Kazakhstan


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