How it all began

The story of the 4/14 Movement began in 2008 in the hearts of Dr. Luis Bush and Rev. Nam Soo Kim. As they met together at Promise Church, NY, a seed from the heart of God was planted in these two men of faith. They began to understand the importance of the demographic period of time between the ages of 4 and 14 as a time when a child’s spiritual window is most open.

That revelation grew and blossomed into what is now the 4/14 Movement. The Holy Spirit was speaking the same message to other leaders who were listening. This wasn’t just a local move of His Spirit, but something He was doing around the world. Sep 6–8, 2009, the first Global Summit was held at Promise Church, NY.

With the support of OneHope President, Rev. Bob Hoskins, and Compassion International President, Dr. Wess Stafford, along with Dr. Dan Brewster’s new understanding of the importance of children in the Bible, the 4/14 became a global movement over the next 10 years. Dr. Bambang Budijanto led the Global Steering Committee from 2009 until 2018.

Where we are now

The movement founders and advisors asked the movement to fast and pray about the future of the 4/14 Movement. They came together at a retreat center in New York in October 2018. After two days of meeting, they felt that the Holy Spirit was pointing to Rick along with Becky Olmstead to lead the movement for the next season.

Rick and Becky planted the Vineyard Church of the Rockies in 1982 and pastored for 37 years. Rick was also a national leader in the Vineyard Movement for over 30 years and Becky is the Vineyard Kids National Leader.

In the spring of 2019, Rick and Becky transitioned their church to new leaders to assume a new role as Co-Global Leaders of the 4/14 Movement.

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