A collection of tools, resources, and ideas from various sources. We think they are worth sharing, and hope they help you awaken a generation!


Awakening a generation
to a life with Jesus

Featured Resource

The Best News Ever

A kids curriculum celebrating the best news ever!

Featured Resource

Compassion International

Partner with Compassion International
to sponsor kids.


Bringing hope
to a generation at risk


Cultivating life-changing God moments that last forever

Featured Resource


Accelerate children’s ministry
with these resources.

Bible App for Kids

Introduce kids to the word of God
with this interactive Bible app.

Bible App for Kids Curriculum

Check out the corresponding curriculum
for Early Childhood.

Featured Resource

Kids for Christ Club

See how Kadyn started a Kids for
Christ club in her local public school.

Shaking & Shining
Children Outreach

Watch Hadassah share how she
started a children’s outreach program.


Empowering a generation
to change the world

For our Partner Resources 
featured on our social media

I Declare

God is always good and
He will never let me down.

I Know

I was made with a purpose and a plan to dream big dreams and see impossible things.

I Will

Stand up for justice, joy, and kindness. And change the world with the power and the love of Jesus that lives in me.

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