We are advocates for this emerging generation.

We are dreaming of more for this emerging generation, and we believe there is a breeze beginning to blow, signs of a move of God.

He is awakening a generation to be a force of His love and power in the world today. They are not the next generation but,

the now generation.

Mission (why we exist)

We are a global movement partnering with the Church to REACH, RESCUE, ROOT, and RELEASE this emerging generation.

Vision (our long-term goal)

Every child living the dream of God for their lives.

Rally cry (what gets us out of
bed in the morning)

Seeing the now generation ignited to change the world.

Core values

God-initiated and driven

We seek to partner with God in His dream for this generation. He is already at work and has invited us into His mission.


We affirm the original calling given to our founders of the 4/14 movement to reach the 4 to 14 age group of children with the love and power of Jesus through reaching, rescuing, rooting, and releasing them.

Inclusive & collaborative

We are better together. Young and old, men and women, expressing our unique differences, we are on one mission to see God’s kingdom established on the earth. We work with like-minded churches, networks, and movements on behalf of the 2.2 billion children in the world today.


God is a relational God. Everything we do in relation to others in our world – it all matters. No act or interaction is trivial. We are interconnected with our strategic partners, churches, and the generation we serve. In our interactions with others we treat them as we would treat a true friend. We believe the best and value kindness, humility, generosity, honor, and fun.

Innovative in our expression

We choose to pursue a fresh expression of God and seek the new, reimagined, and creative ways He wants to reveal Himself now. The deeper our understanding of who God is in this season, the more we will be able to bring the “now” expression of Him to this generation.

Strategic impact

We desire to work with our partners on outcome-driven global advocacy, projects and events, (such as mental health issues, gender identity, violence, booming population, etc.). Each catalytic project or event will have specific measurable outcomes that we will use to determine our success.

We strive to be

bottom up

in our energy, fueled by grassroots leadership

top down

in carrying out the vision from God

upside down

in emphasizing that the least in the world’s eyes (children) are the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

inside out

releasing children and youth to go out from our churches and ministries into the world to make disciples

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