4/14 Partner Feature:
Watoto Church in Uganda

Watoto Church has been committed to championing the cause of kids for over 25 years! Julius Rwotlonyo, one of our 4/14 Global Leadership Team members explains the wonderful work they are doing!

Emily and Jogapur Kids

Education And Brick Kilns
In Bihar, India

In February of 2020, Emily, a recent college graduate living in San Diego, California, returned from Bihar, India. It’s the poorest state in the country and ridden with corruption, an ugly Caste system, and a norm of child sex trafficking.

Kazakhstan’s Young
Followers Of Jesus

Explore the testimonies of four teenagers in Kazakhstan and read more about how God is working through their lives.

A Tidal Wave of Youth Following Jesus Sweeps Over Central Asia

Two years ago, the leaders and pastors of Central Asia, accepted a revelation and vision for their continent: to reach 2% of young people between the ages of 5 and 25 years in Central Asia.

Teens Bringing Their Families to Relationship with Jesus

Daniel Suleman is a teen from Karachi. Growing up with an alcoholic dad, he realized that he wouldn’t have a future if he didn’t decide to stand for what was right.

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