Emily and Jogapur Kids

Education And Brick Kilns
In Bihar, India

In February of 2020, Emily, a recent college graduate living in San Diego, California, returned from Bihar, India. It’s the poorest state in the country and ridden with corruption, an ugly Caste system, and a norm of child sex trafficking.

Kazakhstan’s Young
Followers Of Jesus

Explore the testimonies of four teenagers in Kazakhstan and read more about how God is working through their lives.

Teens Bringing Their Families to Relationship with Jesus

Daniel Suleman is a teen from Karachi. Growing up with an alcoholic dad, he realized that he wouldn’t have a future if he didn’t decide to stand for what was right.

A Tidal Wave of Youth Following Jesus Sweeps Over Central Asia

Two years ago, the leaders and pastors of Central Asia, accepted a revelation and vision for their continent: to reach 2% of young people between the ages of 5 and 25 years in Central Asia.

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