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Read about the wonderful work of Bijoy Ministries in Bangladesh!


When Dipa was pregnant with her first child, her husband abandoned her to marry another woman. Destitute, she was forced to move into the slum of Dhaka city {Dhaka’s 14.6 million people live in just 125 square miles (325 square kilometers)} where she and her daughter, Aisha, live to this day. Despite formidable challenges, Dipa singlehandedly raised Aisha by working two low pay jobs, in a garment factory and as a house servant.


However, now with the global pandemic, the factory is closed and her employers no longer call her into work. Dipa and Aisha’s food supplies grew dangerously low until they were stretching out their last muri (rice bubble).


However, while her mom had been at work, Aisha had attended children’s activities at our ministry center. We are very much connected with each of the children of our ministry and know which ones were at risk. We have been distributing food bags and hygiene packets to the neediest families, including Dipa and Aisha.


Dipa said, “We were thinking we had to beg to buy some food. But thank God that when I was in need, you came for me and my daughter.” 

This ministry began when Francis and his wife Nayomi found children scavenging for food in the dumpster area outside their house in 2003.

Nowadays they have been holding several services for marginalized children called “Happy Birds Assembly.” More than 500 kids have been attending from the neighboring non-church going community and experience the love of Jesus.

Bijoy Ministries also reaches out to kids and teenagers through different practical training, outreach, tutorial center, churches, after-school programs, holiday camps, and seminars, and to those involved in reaching children by providing practical training and equipping through high quality, relevant, life-changing teaching resources.

Our passion is to see children of every community have a passionate love for God so that they can be a positive influence in their own family, community, and their worlds.

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