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Daniel Suleman

Daniel Suleman is a teen from Karachi. Growing up with an alcoholic dad, he realized that he wouldn’t have a future if he didn’t decide to stand for what was right. He decided to share the Word of God with his family and teach his siblings that alcohol and drugs would not bring good for their future.

By Suleman’s perseverance in his life, his two younger brothers and one elder sister came into relationship with Jesus and were baptized in water. Now, they are all serving God in the Church. He is still praying for his father.

Fawad Pervaz

Fawad Pervaz was the only believer in his family when the Holy Spirit spoke gently to him about loving God. Even though his dad had threatened to kill him, the love of Jesus encouraged him to turn his life to Jesus and be baptized. His life was forever changed. He stopped drinking alcohol and started sharing the story of Jesus.

The community around him started to recognize his transformation. He influenced his friends to stop getting drunk. His mother and siblings came into relationship with the Lord. Even though he is still praying for his dad, he can’t stop giving God the glory for all that he has done!

Sumbal Rehmat

Sumbal Rehmat was a girl in search of the love of God. She was a Christian but did not know much about who God really is. When Jesus came into her heart, she devoted her life to God and began serving in ministry. Her family recognized the changes God made in her life.

Now, she volunteers to teach children and help girls studying the Bible in the Assemblies of God Church Mosiamyat. Thanks to Sumbal, her sister, Muqddas Rehmat, also came into relationship with Jesus. She is a super-active Sunday school teacher with talents of creativity. She writes drama, musical skits, and has brought the Sunday school to a new level of quality programming. She loves ministering to the children.


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