The 4/14 Movement

Reaching a generation takes all of us. God’s dream for this emerging generation is so big no one organization alone can accomplish His vision. That’s why we link arms with  like minded churches, groups and movements. We want to bring hope to a generation at risk, awaken them to a lifelong relationship with Jesus, and empower them on their pathway to transform culture and change the world.

A Pathway for Culture Transformation

Thriving ministry among children and youth, in partnership with families.

Competent leaders called by God and affirmed by the church.

Culturally relevant models for facilitating holistic development of children and youth.

Innovative, quality and effective resources.

A commitment to empower and release the now generation to participate in the mission of God.

Partnership Communities

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Local churches, Denominations (national, regional, global), Church networks and Mega-churches.


Global ministries that engage this emerging generation.

Networks + Movements

Children, Youth and Family Networks or Movements

I Declare

God is always good and
He will never let me down.

I Know

I was made with a purpose and a plan to dream big dreams and see impossible things.

I Will

Stand up for justice, joy, and kindness. And change the world with the power and the love of Jesus that lives in me.

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