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Join us in celebrating the incredible work the Watoto Church is doing in their community!

This church has been committed to championing the cause of kids for over 25 years! Julius Rwotlonyo, one of our 4/14 Global Leadership Team members, is the Associate Team Leader at Watoto. Check out these videos explaining the wonderful work they are doing!

“From humble beginnings in a hotel suite in downtown Kampala, Watoto Church is now, on average, a 27000-strong congregation with 30 weekend celebration services in Kampala and Gulu, Uganda; and Juba, South Sudan.

This church is vibrant, youthful, energetic and life-giving.”

Watoto Church’s approach to educating children is to raise them up to become leaders by providing roots through discipleship and holistic education. They have established six schools in three villages! “Over 500 of these children have graduated out of Watoto and some of them are business men, some are lawyers, some have even stood for political leadership and one has made it through.” 

Their outreach doesn’t stop there. They have recognized an increase in vulnerable women in their community and God has challenged them to invest in these women, so that “they can raise their children because we passionately believe in children.” 

To learn more about Watoto Church

P.S.: They have an incredible children’s choir.


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