Verse Coloring Pages by Bible Parent

Add any verse, in any language, to these pre-made Children’s Coloring Pages by! It’s the perfect way to interact with God’s Word in the home, made possible by one of our awesome 4/14 partners! You can download these free, customizable, and printable coloring pages by clicking the button below! Happy coloring!

The Lord's Prayer Coloring Pages by Teach Us to Pray

From the team that brought you Pocket Scriptures Coloring Pages comes the Lord’s Prayer coloring pages by Teach Us to Pray, translated into eleven languages including: Indonesian, French, Gujarati, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Tamail, Marathi, and Mandarin Chinese.

You’ll find 24 coloring pages, mini poster and puzzle when you click below.


WWO's June Webinar Series

Entitled Practical Tools for Working with Vulnerable Children and Families During COVID-19 and Beyond, this webinar series is offered every Thursday in June. Click below to check out each of the sessions and to register!

Bible App for Kids

Early childhood education research shows that preschoolers learn best through repetition so each features one episode – show the same video throughout one month, and lead your class through new discussions and activities each week.

Bible App for Kids: God's Wonderful Gift

The Bible App for Kids has a super exciting story to help kids discover the Holy Spirit in an unforgettable way! And parents, to learn more about a fun way to teach your child about the Holy Spirit, click below!

The Prayer Covenant

Prayer Covenant

“The Children’s Prayer Covenant is empowering children around the world as they not only experience answers to prayer but discover what it means to walk with Jesus, to experience His presence, His power and His unconditional love.” – Candy Marballi, President & CEO of The Prayer Covenant

It can be hard to get your family moving, that’s why one of our 4/14 partners has created, a mobile phone tool that helps families at home connect in fun ways and exercise regularly in small spaces. Check it out!

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